What is the color of your personality?

The Psychology of color states that colors generate emotions and are related to different attributes of our way of being or feeling. Discover what is the color your personality.

  • White: Sincere, transparent and optimistic.
  • Red: Strong, passionate, affective and impulsive.
  • Orange: Creative, happy and warm.
  • Yellow: Spontaneous, innovative and happy.
  • Green: Balanced, in search of permanent growth and hopeful.
  • Blue: Faithful, loyal and true.
  • Purple: Sensual, romantic and elegant.
  • Rose: Feminine, sweet and grateful.
  • Gray: tenacious, persistent and calm.
  • Black: Elegant, mysterious and reserved.
what color is your personality

The truth is that we are all a singular combination of colors and that combination is what makes you unique.

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