Fashion sense is not just a concept. Throughout the history of humanity, fashion has communicated a way of thinking, a cultural expression, a historical moment, an economic reality and a way of being. We could say that fashion is a language that expresses who you are, where you live, how you live and what you believe in.

Which factors does the sense of fashion depends on? Fashion depends on style, not on the amount of clothes you use. It depends on the culture and aesthetic sense to which we have been exposed. It depends on the creativity of each individual on combining garments and accessories. It depends on our ability to observe and emulate.

The interesting about fashion sense, as a subjective language of expression, is that it moves on two levels, on one hand, as individuals we want to differentiate ourselves from others and have a very particular style, but not so different from our surroundings, because that way we would feel excluded or separated from our peers, then, on the other hand, we use our fashion sense as a way of fitting in and belonging.

Then we can conclude that the fashion sense is a very important communication tool for our processes of social interaction and definition of our personality.

When choosing a garment we must not only look at its shape and color, we must take into account what is its purpose, what do we want to convey with it, what would be the right moment, and how much this garment will help us to develop a personal and differentiated style.


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