by Irene Pallares

Stress has many causes and has very negative effects on our body and in our mind.

Here I leave you some tips for you to apply on daily basis to help you identify, treat and reduce stress.

1. Drink water.
Dehydration activates stress hormones (cortisol). So water will help you to lower levels of stress and anxiety.

2. Exercise.
It is important to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to exercise your body. Dance classes, yoga or gym would be a great way to do so.

3. Change your routine.
At least once a week hang out with your friends. Have a coffee with them, go to the movies or dance.

how to manage stress

4. Express.
Talk about your emotions with someone you trust. If there is a lot of stress a therapist is a great option.

5. Take Charge
Identify the source of your stress and change the course of things, the best way to fix something that bothers us is to confront and take charge.

6. Pray or meditate.
You will find it rewarding and relaxing.

I hope these tips will help you lower or defeat your stress levels.


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