How to captivate with your voice?

Our voice is a powerful instrument of communication.  Through it we can transmit ideas, thoughts, desires, needs, and even, our frame of mind. Then we can say that our voice reflects what we feel and what we think.

It works like a string instrument that has a unique timbre in each person, that has low and high pitches, that has an intensity which is measured in decibels, and has a tempo or rhythm, which is the speed at which we speak. In this article we will see several basic tips to learn how to use and refine our instrument.

I assure you that learning to do so will put you in an advantaged position at work, studies or in your personal and social relationships.

In order to balance all the elements of your voice and captivate others with it, it is important that you follow these useful tips:

how to captivate with your voice


a. Practice

Dedicate yourself 15 minutes a day to practice these simple steps until you master your voice:


1. Learn to control your breathing from the diaphragm (on the internet you will find many exercises to achieve this goal). This will not only help you with your voice, it will also help you to have a greater state of relaxation.


2. Choose a motivational phrase of at least 30 words with which you will perform the practice or create a text of your liking.


3. In front of a mirror practice your vocalization, it is very important to pronounce each word clearly. Do not be scared if at first it bothers you to see your reflection before the mirror, this exercise will also strengthen your self-esteem and will allow you to notice and polish your gestural language.


4. Then add a variation of tones. Instinctively you will find the tone that you like the most and that goes according to the message you want to transmit.


5. Vocalize with the tone of your liking and apply the appropriate rhythm and speed. Remember that tone and speed depend on the type of message you want to convey, whether it is a speech, a request, a narrative or a conversation.

b. Avoid monotony

Emphasize key word or phrases using strategic pauses.

c. Transmit security

Avoid hesitation.  Hesitation makes your message unreliable.

d. Use a high tone

Handling a high tone will help you convey a sense of authority, credibility, empathy and will give you a charismatic air. Handling a semi-acute tone makes you intriguing and empowered. Avoid using very sharp tones, as they are often irritating and denote conflict.

e. Smile

Finally, studies have shown that if you smile when speaking, the back of the palate rises delivering more fluent sound waves making your voice softer and warmer.  If you smile when speaking your mood will also improve and your message will be more powerful and charming.

In conclusion, to captivate with your voice you must learn to master your instrument and know its different hues and reaches. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun in the process.

We would love to know how did your did with your practice and if these tips where useful . Leave us your comments .

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