Hi!! I am Irene, thanks for passing by. Were this to be a face to face chat, I would offer you a cup of coffee or perhaps a glass of wine, and it would start with 3 simple questions which I made myself at the cutting edge of my life: What is your dream job? How do you think you can help people to be happier? What is your personal goal in the short term?
The answer was Beats and Bags.

I have always dreamed with an online job which could give me the opportunity to be in touch with hundreds of people around the world.
As a designer, I honestly believe that colors, textures, and shapes can definitely bring happiness into our lives within a plethora of choices and opportunities in order to make that happen. 

Beats & Bags is a brand with heart, where emergent bag designers share their exclusive creations to the world.

In Beats & Bags, we think that a woman’s bag is our adventure companion that comes with us everywhere and tells everybody about who we are.

In Beats & Bags we encourage you to follow the beat of your heart. We are absolutely sure that you can find here your new special companion.